Cape Freels Excursion

The ruins of Cape Freels stands testament to the need for navigational aids on this particular stretch of the coastline. It is also where Michelle's great-grandfather Michael Myrick, and grandfather Jack Myrick spent time.

If you'd like to get up close with history and heritage, we can arrange a guided hiking tour to the ruins of Cape Freels Lighthouse and/or Cape Pine and Arnold's Cove Beach. 

The ruins of Cape Freels are situated just two kilometres southwest of Cape Pine and three kilometres southeast of the eastern head at St. Shott’s. It is the southernmost point in Newfoundland. 

After numerous wrecks in the area, a report in 1894 stated that it was not “speaking too strongly to say that the most wanted signal on all our coast is a powerful phonic one at St. Shott’s.” 

Finally, in 1910, the Canadian government, who had grown tired of waiting for the government of Newfoundland to build a fog alarm, finally obtained permission to construct one on Cape Freels. 

Michael Myrick (Michelle's great grandfather) was hired as the first keeper of the Fog Alarm at the age of forty-five, and he served until 1936. Keeper Myrick was part of the Myrick family that served for several generations at Cape Race.

Join us on a trek to the ruins of Cape Freels and hear more stories of this important site in the navigational history of the area. 

Your tour will take approximately 3 hours to and from with a lunch break at the site - a nutritious packed lunch included.

The Keeper’s Kitchen is approximately two-hours drive from the capital city of St. John's via the scenic Irish Loop along the southern shore or St. Mary's Bay and is ideally situated between Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site + Cape Race Lighthouse, and one of the best up-close shoreline places to whale watch in the province - St. Vincent’s Beach.

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