Breathtaking Beauty

Both the land and seascape surrounding The Keeper's Kitchen are breathtakingly beautiful. The marshes and the headlands offer stunning views. The abundance of wildlife and plant based edibles do not disappoint. The ragged coastline offers stunning views and indicate just how harsh living off the land and sea was historically for the fishing village of St. Shotts. In fact, it is this rugged coastline that is responsible for the community's name.

“According to research published in the magazine Decks Awash in 1981, the community's name comes from the French ‘cap de Chincete,’ which means “little rag” and it’s first known appearance in relation to St. John’s was on a 1544 map. An English map dated 1690 refers to St. Shotts as “Sanshot,” the magazine reported, “while another (map) called the place ‘Chinckhole’ in 1715. Captain James Cook’s map of 1770 offers two names: St. Shot and Chink Hole, of which only the former survived in common usage.”

(From an article by Patrick Newhook on January 27, 2022 in The Irish Loop Post)

St. Shotts and the surrounding coastline became known as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic" because it is estimated that over 70 ships have wrecked in and around the community.

Many lives were saved and cargo salvaged by the people of St. Shotts. In fact some of the ship's ruins can still be seen on land. 

It is because of these shipwrecks that lighthouses and foghorns were erected on prominent headlands such as Cape Freels, St. Shotts and Cape Pine (a National Historic Site that was automated in 1996, and where Michelle grew up) as well as Cape Race - infamous due to the titanic connection where the distress signal was received by a Myrick and where Michelle's father and other relatives also kept the light. 

The area is full of history, hardships, beauty and abundance, and that is the story told at the table, on the stage, in the art studio and on the marshes surrounding The Keeper's Kitchen.

Check out our new all-inclusive Shipwreck Heroes experience that brings to life the dramatic and historical impact that wrecking ships had on the people (first responders) and community of St. Shotts.

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