Discovery and Connection

Creating any kind of art brings us back to childlike wonder and curiosity, and really lets the soul speak - if you let it. 

As a certified Life Coach and a Visual Artist, Michelle has worked with people from around the world to help them shut down their inner critic and reconnect with their soul's purpose through using art as a discovery tool.

Building an art studio space within The Keeper's Kitchen is a dream come true for her! 

The space can be used for art workshops, a working space for visiting artists, or simply as a place to unplug and play.

Michelle can also deliver art workshops upon requests (minimum of 5 persons required).

In Season 2023, art will play a prominent role in the new adventure experience: Foraging Feast & Culinary Art three-day event. In addition to foraging and learning how to create dishes with wild foods, you will learn how to #PicassoYourPlate as well as how to paint a picture using natural food dyes. For more info, click through to the Activities page. 

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We are currently working on a electronic reservation system for our website. Until that is up and running, please contact us directly to inquire about room availability.

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