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Michelle Myrick grew up at Cape Pine Lighthouse and comes from six generations of Lighthouse Keepers. When she started school in St. Shotts, and with her siblings soon coming of school age, their father Michael built this house where the family lived until the late 90’s. 

Cape Pine Lighthouse - Photo credit Clifford Doran

The St. Shotts house was uninhabited for 17 years until Michelle and her husband began renovations in 2013-14 to make it a summer home when vacationing in Newfoundland.

With the last two years of the pandemic, and with her husband Reidar preparing for retirement, the couple came up with the concept of The Keeper’s Kitchen and initiated a full-scale renovation of the old family home. 

Bringing this dream to fruition has been a passion project for them both. They are well seasoned travellers (over 120 countries between them) and fully understand what makes a good experience and what doesn't!

They also know that the best way to share the story of a people and its place is through food, music, art and sharing cultural heritage.

Offering all the comforts of home, The Keeper's Kitchen aims to share the story of this place and its people on the stage, on the barrens, on the canvas and on the plate.

The Keeper’s Kitchen hosts Live entertainment events as well as wellness retreats, art workshops, group getaways and business team building events. Check out our Events to see what we have happening and when.

If you'd like to add a hiking adventure or another type of activity to your stay, then check out our Activities

We also offer a discounted rate for full house group bookings. Reach out for details. We'd love to chat and co-create a unique experience for you.

You can reach us at 709-730-1708 or 709-438-2546, or via email at info@thekeeperskitchen.com 

More About Your Hosts

Michelle Myrick comes from a long line of lighthouse keepers. Did you know that it was a Myrick who took the distress signal from the titanic at Cape Race?

The Keeper’s Kitchen honours her family’s heritage through the historical and metaphorical connection of helping to guide and care for our passer-bys. 

She is a licensed educator (B. Ed) and holds certifications in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Life Coaching. She is a also a two-time recording artist (singer, songwriter, musician), twice published author and a successful visual artist with collectors around the world. 

Michelle has extensive event management and service delivery experience, and has also owned and operated her own food catering business in the past.

Having lived abroad for the last 13 years (Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, South Korea, India and Norway), Michelle has come full circle back to her small hometown of St. Shotts.

Reidar Olsen is originally from Norway and has spent his entire career (40+ years) in the Maritime Industry working for one of the largest and longest-standing Norwegian companies, Kongsberg Norcontrol. 

His work has taken him around the world many times over and has contributed to his extensive knowledge of food, wine, culture and customer satisfaction. 

Together they draw upon their many years of travel and creating food infused with layers of flavour to build memorable experiences at The Keeper's Kitchen. 

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