Awaken your Senses

Let us introduce you to a place that feels “untouched”, but in truth holds many cultural stories and customs.

Feel the wind on your cheek, the salt on your lips and the cushion beneath your feet stirring up mystical scents as you walk.

In this place, silence and wide open spaces are prized and valued.

Here you'll discover your own essence; your own light; your own deep feeling of belonging.

Discover an indescribable ‘oneness’ with all that is as well as an awe-inspiring separateness where you become the silent witness.

YOU are part of the puzzle. The land and sea are you. And you are them.

Imagine a place so special that simply being here will leave you lit up from within, grounded and at home in your skin, and forever changed in the best possible way.

Let us take you to the barrens, beaches and woods of St. Shotts and surrounding area - a land and seascape unlike anywhere else in our beautiful province.

The Keeper's Kitchen Inn is a new all-inclusive Bed & Breakfast centrally located mid-way on The Irish Loop - the tip of Newfoundland's southern Avalon. Offering upscale gourmet-style meals (see Google Business Profile for reviews, as well as live music events, The Keeper's Kitchen has quickly become a popular spot with tourists and locals alike. This coming season, owners Michelle and Reidar will introduce two new adventure experiences to their guests: Shipwreck Heroes (a one-day adventure) and Foraging Feast + Culinary Art experience (a three-day adventure). Both of these new offerings will be offered on selected dates and will feature all-inclusive rates for meals, accommodation, music and the other related activities. More info coming to our Events page soon.

The idea and concept grew from a deep desire to expose the natural beauty, culture, folklore, food-ways and heritage of the community of St. Shotts and Cape Pine Lighthouse where Michelle spent her younger years with her family. The Myrick family has a long standing heritage of lighthouse keeping that spans 6 generations. No wonder the business name felt so right to Michelle and her husband Reidar. Given their combined backgrounds: Reidar having a 40+ year career in the maritime industry and Michelle being a multi-disciplined artist (singer, songwriter, musician, visual artist and writer) plus their love of cooking exquisite dishes, they set out in June 2022 to follow their passions and fill a missing 'niche' in the tourism offerings in their area.

Feel the Comforts of Home

We offer five guest rooms with a total capacity for 13 people. In 4/5 of our rooms you may choose either two-single bed setup or one-king bed setup. The Junior Suite has a queen-size bed.

Three of our guest rooms have private ensuite washrooms. Our two rooms on the main level share a large washroom with accessibility features. A home cooked breakfast and made from scratch danishes are included with your stay.

Hear the Stories & Songs

Even in its original form, the house was built for a crowd and for music! Michelle’s father Michael was well known for entertaining visitors and Michelle herself is a singer/songwriter and recording artist.

As a live music venue for some of the province's finest entertainers,The Keeper's Kitchen carries the tradition of sharing cultural stories through music and song.

Taste the Home Cooked Food

Both Michelle and Reidar are well seasoned cooks who enjoy experimenting with flavour profiles and infusing elements of their many travels (over 120 countries between them both) into their food.

Creating upscaled versions and new twists on familiar dishes is what they do best. Their food will excite your taste buds and leave you savouring every bite.

Connect with your Creativity

Michelle is a professional visual artist and holds certifications in Life Coaching and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Using art as a discovery tool, her clients learn to deeply connect with their inner wisdom and guidance.

The Keeper’s Kitchen has a 300 sq. ft art studio that is suitable for workshops and classes, as well as a space to let your creative soul play with texture, paints and tactile art.

A Sensory Experience

The colourful, fragrant and bountiful marshlands surrounding The Keeper's Kitchen offer many varieties of wild berries. In season, it's possible to pick cloudberries (known as 'bakeapples' by Newfoundlanders), blueberries, partridge berries and marshberries literally just seconds outside the door.

Most would agree that the barrens hold a mystique unlike any other place.

The area is a haven for photographers and painters looking for inspiration from unique landscapes.

The roaring surf and salty sea breeze are but a stone’s throw away from The Keeper’s Kitchen.

Undoubtably, both the land and sea will speak to you on a soulful level. Just being here will awaken your spirit and excite your senses.

Nature, history, culture, comfort, food and folklore - it's who we are. Come see for yourself and #GetLitWithIt

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We are currently working on a electronic reservation system for our website. Until that is up and running, please contact us directly to inquire about room availability.

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